Prefabricated bows

Our warehouse always offers a large selection of ready-made bows in stock. With practical adhesive dots or wire clips the bows are versatile and can be attached in no time. Our prefabricated bows are ready to ship and can be offered even in small numbers – they are ideal not only for small gifts.

The prefabricated bows offer you many different colors and sizes in order for you to find exactly the right bow for your product. Since the bows are shipped to you ready-made, they are ideal for urgent projects.

Lasting impressions

Exceptional items may also be packed exceptionally beautiful. Decorative ribbons, from petite to opulent, from subtle to imposing, embellish each packaging easily and are the distinguishing feature of your product.

Different materials, sizes, and styles give each bow a very individual touch. The combination of different ribbons and cords is particularly unique and appealing.

Highlight your products in the right way and distinguish your brand from competitors with a stylish packaging.

Individual bows

If you could not find the perfect solution for your product so far, we will design it just for you.

The imagination knows no boundaries in the creation of individual bows and your idea alone decides how the finished product will look like. From the first idea to the final bow, our team is at your side to ensure that the final product matches your requirements exactly. For every occasion there is a perfect bow – together we create a unique piece that gives your products real value.

Brochure „Prettier with a bow“