About us

Our success story goes back a long way.

Thanks to traditional values and innovative ideas, we are now one of the world’s largest suppliers of handmade bows. The proven SOPP quality and our competent service are also appreciated internationally.

SOPP bows are adorning products around the globe – for some, the bows have become an elegant trademark.

An exclusive packaging refines every product, an individually designed bow gives it a face and makes it stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Give your products that certain touch – with the creative and innovative ribbons and bows from SOPP!

SOPP - bows as an elegant trademark.



SOPP Industrie GmbH
Gerberstraße 24
42899 Remscheid, Germany

Logistics, warehouse, quality control

SOPP Industrie GmbH
Hildegardstraße 5
42897 Remscheid, Germany

Production plant in Poland

ul. Stanisława Staszica 6
58-400 Kamienna Gora, Poland

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