Better with a bow

The bow as a symbol of communication, value, a gift, authenticity and performance.

Packaging refinement
through the use of bows

Under the direction of Germany’s most renowned consumer psychologist, Professor Georg Felser, in cooperation with the Multi-Sense Institute and the business psychologists of the Harz University of Applied Sciences (Wernigerode), it was determined that the use of bows has a positive effect on the characteristics of a product.*

  • Products with a bow are perceived more quickly
  • A bow increases price acceptance and willingness to buy
  • A bow makes a product more giftable
  • A bow positively influences the perception of quality and value
  • A bow encodes elegance, value and timelessness of a brand/product
  • Products with a bow are more likely to be bought (stopping power due to the visually more prominent product)
  • Products with a bow appear more valuable
*Source: Scientific study by the Harz University of Applied Sciences (School of Business Psychology) under the direction of Prof. Georg Felser with the support of the Multisense Institute Germany.
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