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Sustainable products

Make your contribution - with every "gift

It’s time for change and we’ve known that for some time. But what do you start with? E-scooters, pedelecs, electric cars, solar panels,…? Recycling or upcycling?

It’s quite simple. The more people make a small contribution to the world we live in, the better it is for the planet. And the faster our beautiful world, which we all love and which we all need, recovers. Because it is not nature that needs us, but we need nature.

With its product range, Sopp enables its customers to make a conscious decision in favour of sustainable products.

Sustainable action

Sustainability already works at the beginning

Companies that save energy are not only more sustainable, but also exploit the greatest potential for savings. The topics of climate protection and energy efficiency have long been established in our company. The sustainable use of energy is firmly anchored on the corporate agenda. The message: those who permanently save energy not only relieve the burden on the environment, but also have a real competitive advantage.

All our production sites use resources more efficiently (e.g. use of renewable energies / solar, better insulation, less paper consumption / digital office, …) and thus ensure a more than positive CO2 balance.


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