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Sustainable products

Make your contribution - with every "gift"

It’s time for change and we’ve known that for a long time.
Sopp enables you to make a conscious decision for sustainable products.

Sustainable finished bows – resource-saving, effective and a clear statement.

Simply expressive:
Bows made from renewable raw materials such as jute or cotton bast also give your packaging a very special character.

Our ReBow bows with practical ribbon fastener are a particularly versatile solution:
The bows in a shiny satin look are made of 100% recycled PET.

Environmentally friendly gift and decoration ribbons in many colors & designs.

Discover our wide range of ribbons made from biodegradable, compostable plastic-free raw materials such as TENCEL ® and linen.

Sustainable conduct

Sustainability makes an impact right from the start

Sustainable packaging for sustainable progress.

Sustainable packaging materials not only make an important contribution to environmental protection, but are also a key success factor for your brand and corporate image.

Avoiding waste and recycling lead to more economical use of resources, reduce the ecological footprint and are important factors in preserving our livelihoods. The zero-waste idea has not just been on everyone’s minds since yesterday – more and more customers are attaching great importance to environmentally friendly products and packaging.

With our wide range of bows and gift ribbons made of sustainable materials, you not only give your packaging special attention, but also leave a lasting impression.

The sustainable use of energy is firmly anchored on the corporate agenda.

All production sites handle resources more efficiently (e.g. own electricity production through photovoltaics, better insulation, less paper consumption / digital office, …) and thus ensure an improvement of the CO2 footprint.

Sopp Industrie promotes circular value creation with Circular Valley® –

Circular Valley® is a globally unique hotspot for the establishment of a future-oriented circular economy.
Following the mission, “Grow the Economy – Protect the Environment”, Circular Valley is looking for startups engaged in the transformation from a linear to a circular economy. At the core of the program, startups will have the opportunity to connect with 100+ partners from industry, R&D and government from the Circular Valley® network.
Find out more about the ongoing application phase for Batch #5 on their



Many children of this world do not know what it means to receive personal gifts, because they live together with their families in extremely poor conditions. From now on, we want to give such children a little joy every year at Christmas. Many thousands of people from all over Germany participate in this campaign.

„It warms the heart to see the children forget their worries for a moment and are just happy about their Christmas parcel,“ says Cristian Popescu, director of the Children’s Village and responsible for the distribution in Romania.

You too can join in! More info at:


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