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Höchste Maßstäbe in der Qualität

Not only with our ribbons and bows, but also in our service we set the highest standards in quality. There are a couple of stages from your idea to the finished product that we would like to briefly explain here.
1. From idea to concept

The beginning of each project is a comprehensive and competent consultation. Here we clarify, together with you, how we can highlight your product the best and what materials and printing processes are suitable. Your wishes and ideas are already taking shape.

2. At the loom

According to your specifications, the ribbon is woven into the appropriate width. Soft satin, taffeta or shimmering organza form the blank for your ribbon.

3. A splash of color!

Now the material is dyed. Our color palette leaves no wish unfulfilled and allows not only cheerful bright colors and precious natural tones, but also trendy colors and of course the classic black and white.

4. Custom print

Whether you want to place your company logo, certain images and symbols or an effective advertising message on your ribbon: Our high-precision printing process realizes your ideas. Classic lithographic printing, haptically appealing relief printing and luxurious shiny accents make your ribbons unmistakable.

5. Completion

Finally, the finished ribbon is tied to wonderful bows or refined with special accessories according to your ideas. The result is a special decorative highlight, which will be delivered on schedule.

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